ANZAC Centenary launches in April

April 2014 sees the start of the ANZAC Centenary seven-year programme, commemorating the Antipodeans who served at Gallipoli and the Western Front.


In Australia alone, a budget of $83.5M has been set aside for a variety commemorative events, refurbishment projects, educational activities and resources. The programme aims to encourage Australians to learn about their country’s military history and reflect on the impact it has had on the country and its people.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, $17 million in lottery funding has been allocated to the commemoration of the First World War Centenary. A WW100 Programme Office was established to oversee various events and initiatives. These will include the development of a National War Memorial Park in Wellington, an education centre at the National War Memorial, and heritage trails in Gallipoli and along the Western Front.


In the UK, a budget of £50 million was allocated by the government to fund centenary commemorations. The Imperial War Museum (IWM) is leading the national ANZAC programme of projects, which will include a new permanent First World War exhibition at the IWM London branch.

Various important anniversaries will be marked by national commemorations. These include Britain’s declaration of war on Germany, the November 1918 Armistice and the opening of the Battle of the Somme. The Heritage Lottery Fund will provide £15 million to community, educational and youth projects, as well as to the preservation of war memorials and the conservation of important historic artefacts.

The BBC has planned a four-year season of television, radio and online programming, which will include a variety of commemorative programmes, documentaries and shows.


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