9 More Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

A while ago, we gave you 10 reasons to learn a foreign language. Here, now (or as we say in Spanish “aqui, ahora”) we present 9 more reasons to enrol in a language course and become fluent in a second language!

1. Impress everybody.

It’s true. Everybody is impressed when someone they know can speak a foreign language. Admit it – you are too. So learning to speak another language will just bump you another notch up the cool-o-meter.

2. Have an ace up your sleeve.

You’ve met someone through your circle of friends or at work/church/gym. They’re awesome. They seem to think you’re ok, but they’re not falling all over themselves to get to you. What do you do? You wait until it’s the 5th or 6th time you’re in one another’s company and you drop the F-bomb. (That’s F for FRENCH, of course.) You wait for the perfect opportunity and casually let it be known that you do in fact parlais francais. (French waiters are always good for this.) Golden Rule: it must be natural and take them by surprise. Once they know, brush it off as “nothing” and change the subject. Don’t be boring.

3. Order what you really want to eat.

Talking about French waiters, learning another language means you are guaranteed, when visiting that country, to order what you really want to eat right away without having to kiss the waiter’s French behind so he explains exactly what’s in the amuse-bouche and listens patiently while you try to explain your mild lactose intolerance.

4. Get work as an extra on movie sets.

If you have yourself registered with one of those casting agents, you are far more likely to get work as an extra if you have a foreign language listed as one of your talents. Whenever there’s a French or Russian or Dutch (or whatever) movie being shot near you, your name is going to pop up when they type “Dutch” into the system and you will get the call. Learning another language could even be your big break into movies, just because you land that one line, just because you speak the language. Say it with me now: “Vroeg iemand een loodgieter?”

5. Make your mom proud.

Oh you know she’ll tell everybody. Three times. A week.

6. Make your school nemesis jealous.

You know the one I mean. The one you never want to bump into randomly when you have flu and you’re wearing holey sweats. Learn an exotic language. Follow said nemesis to ascertain routine. Stage a “bumping into”. For instance you know they’re in the bookstore. Stroll in casually, looking fabulous, talking in your recently learnt foreign language, being sure to add a naughty giggle in there from time to time. See nemesis and fake surprise. End call in sexy language and hushed tones. Oh the ire.

7. Get a raise and/or promotion.

Your boss will be impressed that you know how to speak German fluently. You’ll probably go onto their mental list of “people to watch”. Just do one more impressive thing soon after learning the language and bam, you’ve shot right up the impress-o-meter. Don’t screw up now.

8. Find out what people really think of you.

Have you ever wondered if your voice is the most annoying voice ever, or you have halitosis, or eyes like a horse, or you look like exactly like Woody Allen? Here’s your chance to find out for sure. Let’s say you have learnt Spanish. Go to Spain. Spend time with Spanish people but don’t let them know you understand a word. You’ll find out soon enough if your secret suspicions were correct. And then you could even see a Spanish psychologist.

9. Move to Portugal.

You may want to take advantage of the great property investment opportunities. And what better way to truly enjoy your holiday or retirement than by speaking the language of the locals? You’ll be accepted easier, better understood and able to understand and communicate better with others.