5 Things To Do With Your Tax refund

If you’ve applied for your UK tax refund through 1st Contact Tax Refunds, you could be in line to receive back some of your hard earned money!

The big question is – what will you do with it?

Here are our suggestions for spending the cash you get back.

  1. Join a club – If you’re one of those people who say you can’t afford to join the gym or pay the yoga fees, why not use your tax refund to pay for a year’s worth of exercise up front and invest in your health? No more excuses and every reason to work out and be fit and healthy!
  2. Start a business on the side – If you are always having great ideas for a second income, but the lack of any kind of start-up capital has always stopped you, this could be your chance. Spend some time making notes of all the possibilities and ideas, and then work out how you can best use your refund money to get started. You never know where it could lead…
  3. Start a hobby – Interested in photography or scuba diving or stamp collecting? Use your tax refund to fund your hobby and start expressing yourself.
  4. Pamper yourself – When you receive your money, work out your budget and then book yourself the most incredible day of pampering, which could include a massage, manicure, facial, lunch and a spot of shopping for instance…
  5. Have a night to remember – If you have a birthday or celebration coming up, use your tax refund to plan and pay for an unforgettable occasion. Whether an extravagant dinner for 8, a killer house party, or a weekend away, do something different and memorable!

Remember, you can only receive a tax refund if you actually apply for one. There are millions of Pounds in unclaimed tax held at the revenue office and an estimated 1 in 3 people in the UK are due a refund… You could be one of them!

Don’t delay! 1st Contact Tax Refund agents are waiting for your call and eager to do what they can to assist you with your tax refund.

Visit http://www.1stcontact-taxrefunds.com/ or call 0808 141 5503 to see if you’re due a refund.

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