5 Quirky London pubs you have to visit

So, you’ve just landed in London, you’ve dropped off luggage at your new digs and you’re ready to start experiencing the UK’s famous pub culture. Well, instead of following the herd to the usual spots, we recommend going on a pub crawl with a twist. To help you out we’ve found six unique London pubs, bars and tucked-away speakeasies that will satisfy your thirst for adventure.

London pubs

Bounce Ping Pong

First up we have Bounce Ping Pong. To say this bar is out of the ordinary is like saying that the English football team sort of underperforms at the World Cup. Head on down to Shoreditch and get your night started with a few pints and a couple of games of table tennis at this oddball London pub.


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Evans and Peel

Have you ever wanted to have a drink in a noir/hardboiled detective agency-themed pub? Of course you have. Well, Evans and Peel offers you just that. This 50’s detective-inspired pub is one of London’s most uniquely themed hang outs. They also have a killer classic cocktail selection and jazz evenings.

London pubs

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Ye Olde Mitre and Holbron

Ye Olde Mitre and Holborn gets the nod for being one of the oldest bars in London. It also appeals to history buffs as the 470-year-old pub stands next to the spot where Henry VIII was married. That wasn’t the only royal revelry that took place here; Queen Elizabeth is said to have danced around the cherry tree at the pub’s door with Sir Christopher Hatton.

London pubs

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City of London Distillery

If you’re looking for an authentic gin bar then City of London Distillery is the place for you. This bar reopened in 2012, after a 200-hundred-year absence, and London’s gin lovers have been rejoicing ever since. Undoubtedly, the main attractions are the bar’s two functioning gin stills (nicknamed Jennifer and Clarissa), which give the venue an authenticity that you won’t find in most of the capital’s newer establishments.

London pubs

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The Shop NW10

The first thing you should know about The Shop NW10 is that everything inside is for sale. From the décor to the artwork to the unique cocktails. This vintage-inspired bar is one of London’s quirkiest venues and thanks to its constant flogging of its furniture, there’s always going to be something new to catch your eye.

London pubs

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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

The winner of hardest pub to find in London is probably The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. To get to this bar you need to walk to The Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane, just off Bishopsgate, until you see a Smeg refrigerator door (no, that’s not a typo). Open the door, step through, and settle into one of London’s best speakeasies. They’ve got a fantastic drinks selection and cocktail menu. Also, knowing where this place is will instantly make you seem like a London expert.

London pubs

Image property of The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

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