5 outstanding female entrepreneurs in the UK

With Women’s Day around the corner we want to put the spotlight on the many outstanding female entrepreneurs in the UK. Listing them all would be an impossible task, so we’ve selected these five as ones to watch. 

5 outstanding female entrepreneurs in the UK1. Sara Murray (buddi)

After losing her four-year-old daughter in a supermarket for a few minutes, Sara Murray (founder of confused.com) set out to create buddi. This wearable device locates and reports the position of the wearer and has already been used in the UK by health authorities, businesses and the police.
Since its inception, buddi has banked around £10.5 million and Murray expects their foreign sales to rise from 49% to 75% in 2015.

2. Joanna Montgomery (Pillow Talk)

Age is no barrier to entrepreneurship and some of the best ideas come from the younger generation. We see this in Joanna Montgomery, a digital interaction design graduate from Dundee University, who is in the midst of launching Pillow Talk, an app that connects people to the heartbeat of their significant other, regardless of distance.

3. Kathryn Parsons (Decoded)

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? With technology becoming an essential aspect of many jobs, maybe code would be a better choice than Spanish. Kathryn Parsons believes it should be and offers an internationally popular course called Code_in a Day through her company, Decoded. The course provides an essential introduction to coding that aims to unlock the potential of the digital world.

4. Iris Lapinski (Apps for Good)

This entrepreneur brings the potential of the digital sphere to young people through her company Apps for Good. It gives them the tools to create mobile, web, or social apps that solve real issues.
The company has dedicated itself to motivating and building a new, international generation of problem solvers through education.

5. Dessi Bell (Zaggora)

Zaggora was born when founder Dessi Bell battled to find an effective product to help her get in shape for her wedding. During her research, the former investment banker discovered the benefits of increased body heat during exercise.

This inspired the creation of Zaggora. In just two years the company’s signature product, HotPantsTM, has sold over 500,000 pairs in 126 countries – weight loss innovation through technological application.

There’s no denying the common theme of technology in modern-day entrepreneurship. These women are not only pushing the tech boundaries themselves, but are also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to do the same.

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