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Expert advice on limited company tax

As a contractor, operating via through limited company can be a very effective way of earning a living. If it is run as a profitable business, you will still need to pay the government it's dues, however, Corporation Tax rates are lower than personal tax rates. A limited company provides a more tax-efficient structure than full-time employment or umbrella arrangements.

A limited company pays Corporation Tax on:

  • Profits from trading and investment (except dividend income, which is taxed differently)
  • Capital gains

We can help you structure your earnings efficiently, making use of the advantages that limited companies and Corporation Tax offer.

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In the UK, Corporation Tax goes hand-in-hand with annual statutory accounts, which must be produced and submitted to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Each company’s financial year is determined by the company directors.

As an example, a company may choose to align its financial year or accounting period with the UK tax year, which ends on 5 April every year. For all intents and purposes this would be 31 March.

To simplify this, the company must produce accounts and a Corporation Tax return for a 12 month period.


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Set up a limited company today. With our advice and expertise, we can help you to start paying less tax every year.

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