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Legal requirements for a limited company

We’ve helped thousands of contractors set up limited companies and we can make sure that you get yours right, first time. Below is a rundown on some of the basic legal requirements you have to fulfil when starting a limited company.

Articles of Association

In a nutshell, Articles of Association govern the internal affairs of the company. In other words, these are the rules that guide how you interact with third parties, shareholders and directors.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association includes the company’s name, office location and the number of shares in the limited company.

Directors and company secretary

If you do have a company secretary, he or she must make sure that your returns and statutory requirements are completed, signed and deposited annually.

Registered office

This is the physical address where the company's statutory records are kept. In other words, it’s the address where legal documents can be served if need be. It doesn’t have to be where the company will conduct business, but every company registered in the UK must also have its registered office in the UK.


If you have any questions that we have not covered above, speak to one of our expert consultants today and they’ll help you out.

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