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UK Kickstart Package

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1st Contact’s Kickstart Package makes starting out in the UK easy, cost effective and fun - whether you are looking to:

  • Open up a UK bank account
  • Apply for a UK National Insurance number (NINO)
  • Attain info on the UK tax & health systems
  • Get assistance with finding a job in the UK

The UK Kickstart package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Opening a UK bank account - We have partnered with 3 of the UK’s leading banks to assist you in opening up your UK bank account. Choose your bank and let us take care of the rest…...hassle free.
  • National Insurance Number assistance - It’s your personal UK tax number, everyone needs one so they don’t pay too much tax
  • UK Mobile Sim Card - Get your number before you arrive for those important calls.
  • Job assistance and CV assistance - Get ahead and earn those pounds.
  • Discounts – Get discounts on 1st Contact Services and affiliated partners. This could save you hundreds of pounds!
  • Gym membership – 5 days free membership to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.
  • UK informative guide - Covering topics such as information on the transport system, the tax system, the healthcare system, UK sporting events, driving, entertainment, finding work, travelling abroad and lots more.
  • Free International Money Transfer – Send money to your UK bank account or back home at a fraction of high street banking costs.
  • Accommodation Assistance we teamed up with a network of accommodation providers, from flat shares to hostels. Book online at 1st Contact Accommodation
  • Advice on social events – Mingle with like minded people and get into the London vibe.

* Purchase your UK Kickstart package online or contact your closest office to book over the phone.
Traveller’s cheques will unfortunately not be accepted.

To learn more about life in the bustling city of London - download our London Guide e-book.

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