Do La Tomatina 2017 the easy way with Stoke Travel

Buñol is a small Spanish town just an hour from Valencia. Once a year, this sleepy city hosts the biggest tomato fight in the world – La Tomatina. This is the sauciest festival around and you don’t want to miss out on the mayhem. Our friends at Stoke Travel have made it easier than ever.

La Tomatina sign

Image courtesy of dreamscape on Instagram

What to expect

Thousands of people stream into Buñol, filling the streets of the suburbs. Once the cannons fire and the trucks have jammed their way through the crowd, they unload tons of tomatoes. As the fruits are flung, the streets turn red and friendships are formed.

Once the madness is over, Stoke Travel will rinse you off and take you back to your glorious camp by the beach. You’ll spend the afternoon swimming in the sea and drinking unlimited amounts of sangria and beer. You’ll get a home-cooked meal and then polish up in time to head to the official La Tomatina 2017 afterparty.

Tomato fight

Image courtesy of Buckitdream on Instagram

Key features

  • Where: Buñol, Spain
  • When: 28 August – 1 September
  • How: You’ll meet Stoke Travel travel guides there or take a private shuttle from Barcelona and join everyone for a Barcelona stay before or after La Tomatina
  • Age: Young at heart traveller 18+. Free trip if you bring your grandma
  • Sleep: Camping accommodation (pre-erected twin share tent, mattress, sleeping bag)
  • Eat: Tasty breakfasts each morning and a hearty dinner each evening

1st Contact and Stoke Travel

If you book your La Tomatina trip through us, you’ll receive a promo code that’ll get you free unlimited booze throughout the festival. Follow this link for more information about Stoke Travel.

Ready to get in on the action? Contact our Kickstart team on +44 (0) 20 7759 7536 or to get started.