G’day, mate – an introduction to Australian lingo

Known as “Aussie Strine”, Australian slang is one of the most colourful and descriptive forms of speech you’ll encounter. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites – a ripper of a list that will defo help you out next time you’re thinking of cracking a tinnie with a few mates.


Arvo: Afternoon, referring to any time after 12:00
“I’ll see you tomorrow arvo.”

Barbie: Barbeque
“Throw some lamb on the barbie.”

Bogan: An uncultured person
“Don’t be such a bogan.”

Bikkie: Cookie or biscuit
“Fancy a bikkie?”

Brolly: Umbrella
“Don’t forget your brolly, it’s damp out.”


Chockers: Very full
“This bar is chockers tonight.”

Cleanskin: An unlabelled bottle of wine – usually cheaper than its labelled counterpart.
“I’ll bring a cleanskin to the barbie – hope it’s not plonk.”

Crack a tinnie: Open a can of beer
“Come over tomorrow arvo and we’ll crack a tinnie.”


Defo: Short for definitely
“We’ll defo win the footy tomorrow.”

Doona: A duvet or comforter
“Not going out tonight mate, spending time with my doona at home.”

Esky: A cooler or insulated food and drink container
“Be a mate and pass me a tinnie from the esky.”


Fair dinkum: True, real, genuine
“It’s true, mate, fair dinkum.”

Milk bar: Corner shop that sells takeaway food
“I’m off to grab some tucker from the milk bar.”

Pash and dash: Kissing someone with no future intent
“Did you get his number? No way, it was just a pash and dash”

Plonk: Cheap wine
“I’ve only got plonk, but you can still come around.”

Ripper: Really great
“That was a ripper of a party.”


Slab: 24-pack of beer
“Bring a slab to the barbie on Friday.”

Snag: Sausage
“I’ve only got a snag for tea.”

Shout: Someone’s turn to buy a round of drinks
“It’s your shout, mate.”

Tea: Supper
“I’ve gotta make sure I’m home for tea.”

Tucker: Food
“The tucker’s not great, but the drinks are pretty good.”


Ta: Thank you
“Ta for the lift, mate.”

Ute: Utility vehicle or pickup truck
“I’ll pick you up in my ute.”

And two words of caution:
Flake: Shark’s flesh, sold in fish and chips shops
“We’re gonna grab some flake for lunch.”

Liquid laugh: Vomit
“Watch out for the tucker from that milk bar – you’ll end up with a liquid laugh.”

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