Heads up for South Africans looking to apply for a UK visa: The UKVI has issued a warning

UK Visas & Immigration has released an important message for all South Africans wanting to apply for a UK visa.

Big Ben and Union Jack flag in England

Your bags may be packed, but you might not be ready to go

All South Africans applying or wanting to apply for a UK visa need to take note that UKVI is currently experiencing  extremely high volumes of applications. As a result, the standard turnaround of 15 days for visitor and short-term visa applications can no longer be taken as a given.

The period from submission of application and biometric data at the Visa Application Centre to the final issuing of your visa is now expected to be considerably longer. As such, UKVI has asked that all visa applicants apply for their visas as early as possible to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and disappointment.

Be aware and be prepared

You need to ensure that you apply for your visa well in advance and make sure that any travel plans you make take the delays currently being experienced at UKVI into account.

Top tip: You can apply for your visa up to three months in advance, meaning you don’t have to do everything at the last minute and can thus avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Understandably, there are times when travel is unplanned and visas are applied for last minute. In which case, you may want to make use of the UKVI Priority Visa services when making your application.

Get your application right the first time

Avoid unnecessary delays by getting your visa application right the first time. Bureaucracy and changing legislation have made UK visa applications complex. The best way to ensure your application is 100% correct is to go through an immigration expert.

We’ve been making the process of applying for a visa simple since 1998. Our will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your application has the best chance of success. Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 20 7759 7527 or immigration@1stcontact.com

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  • Kimberley Bryant

    Hi, my grandmother was born in England and I have her original birth certificate but I am struggling to get my grandfathers (South African) birth certificate as we have no record of his ID number and also struggling to get hold of their marriage certificate. I have been wiaiting for over a year for the paperwork and phone Home Affairs weekly with no success. I do have my parents birth and marriage certificate as well as my birth certificate. Is my grandfathers birth and marriage certificate necessary for a U.K. Ancestry visa if I am going through my Grandmother?

    • http://www.1stcontact.com/ 1st Contact

      HI Kimberley Bryant,

      I would suggest contacting Bunny Hop Document Services : http://www.bunnyhop.co.za/

  • JP Loxton

    Can anyone assist…. My son lives with his mom in the UK but I want to be near him and need to be allowed to live and work there… Do I have any grounds to get a Visa so that this is possible…

  • Leigh Ann Wilson

    Hi I have dual nationality South African and Italian and I came to UK in January 2007. I got married in Nov 2014 to a British citizen. I’ve been working since I arrived in UK. What happens now to me with the Brexit. Quite concerned. What do i need to do.
    Kind regards

    • http://www.1stcontact.com/ 1st Contact

      Hi Leigh Ann,

      Based on the fact that you have been working and living in the UK, you should not be affected by Brexit. You could look into applying for the Permanent Residence Card.