Comparing government schools in Australia and South Africa

If you’re planning on making the move Down Under and are taking your family with you, it might be useful to know how the government schools in Australia differ from those in South Africa.

Comparing goverment schools in Australia and South Africa

Student to teacher ratios

In South Africa classes average at about 40 students, while there are about 25 children in an average Australian class. This means that the student-to-teacher ratio in Australia is lower, working out to 17:1, while South Africans students outnumber teachers 32:1.

Term dates

The school year in both countries is divided up into four terms, running from January to December; with the longest holiday period falling over summer months.

Extramural activities

Both countries place emphasis on extra sporting activities in the schooling system and children are encouraged to take part in extra murals from a young age.

What age do students start school?

Students in Australia start school at age four or five and are required to complete grade 10 before they are allowed to leave the formal education system. The South African system requires children to start school at either age six or seven, depending on where their birthday falls in a year. Students may leave school as soon as they turn 15 or at the end of grade 9 – whichever is earlier.

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