How to Secure the Best Exchange Rate

When you’re budgeting for a holiday, you want to make the most of your trip and your money. Start by securing the best exchange rate!

“Many people assume that the banks or the bureau de change counters at the airport are the best places to exchange money – but these options are not only more expensive, they are also time-consuming and inconvenient” says Ernst Janse van Rensburg, Forex Manager at 1st Contact Forex.

So how do you secure the best rate and ensure you’re receiving the best service too?

  • Always use a reputable company with a proven track record
  • Confirm that the exchange rate you are quoted is guaranteed
  • Insist on absolute transparency on commissions, fees and hidden costs
  • Find out exactly how long the process will take
  • Use a company that allows you to secure your rate online or over the phone

“A company like 1st Contact Forex is able to secure a great exchange rate, through the bargaining power we have with the banks”
says Janse van Rensburg.

“1st Contact Forex provides a reliable, transparent and extremely convenient way to exchange money, with no fees or commission charges!”

To secure a fantastic exchange rate and ensure you get your money within 3 working days, speak to a 1st Contact consultant on 0800 856 2470 or visit