Maximise your Take-home Pay with Umbrella Payroll

At those times when money is tight, it’s increasingly important to maximise your earnings.  With the announcement of large public sector cuts and the continued global slow-down of commerce and industry in general, it’s easy to paint a grim picture.  However, many savvy individuals are turning this to their advantage and reaping the benefits of contracting.

Contracting roles increase during the recession

The good news is that even in times when the economy is in a crisis, more contracting roles come on offer, as the need for a more flexible workforce increases.  If you’re working as a contractor or temporary worker in the UK, there are some great advantages to be gained.

We spoke to Jovan Pavlicevic, Commercial Manager at 1st Contact Umbrella.  “Money talks – and one of the coolest things about working as a contractor is the fact that you have some flexibility around how you’re paid.  Other than that, there’s a definite upward trend when it comes to the hiring of contractors during tough economic times. Contractors who partner with the right people can maximise their earnings when those around them seem to be struggling more…”

Market leaders

Pound for Pound, 1st Contact’s Umbrella solution is a market leader, and represents one of the best and most compliant ways to work.  So why not experience some of the best take home pay available, and get all the benefits of being a contractor with none of the hassle?  Call one of our experienced consultants today to hear what your take home pay could look like – and you may just be pleasantly surprised!

To find out more, visit or call 0808 141 2341 to speak to a professional Umbrella consultant.

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