How to boost your tax refund

Every year more than 3,5 million people in the UK pay too much tax. You could be eligible for a refund if you have overpaid your tax over the past four tax years. Ensure that you claim back all the money that is owed to you by using the tips below.


Business expenses

If you’re self-employed, you can claim tax back on a whole range of business expenses. Some of the most common are:

  • Travel expenses for business trips
  • Job search expenses
  • Fees paid to professional societies
  • Costs of specific tools and equipment

You will need to have a record of all the business expenses you incur to be able to claim them back.


You may have paid too much tax if you contribute to a personal pension scheme or if you donate to a charitable organisation.

As with business expenses above, you must have a record of all the donations and payments made to reclaim overpaid tax.

Tax code

Check your tax code every year to ensure you are still on the correct code.

If you are on the wrong code, you might be paying too much tax on your income, making you eligible for a rebate.

Previous tax returns

You can reclaim any overpaid tax for the last four tax years. We will assess your previous years to check whether you overpaid or missed any claimable expenses.

Don’t let the hassle of claiming back your tax prevent you from applying for a tax refund. Fill out our simple Tax Refund Claim Form or call us for additional assistance on +44 (0) 80 8141 5503.  

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