Warning: yellow fever vaccine shortage

There’s a drastic shortage of yellow fever vaccine in Europe, with stock levels expected to return to normal levels as late as February 2014. Fortunately, 1st Contact Travel Clinic is one of only five clinics in the UK to stock emergency supplies at £75 each.

Yellow fever is the only disease that still requires a mandatory vaccination, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Physical ‘proof’ of your vaccination comes in the form of a yellow fever certificate, which you’ll need to enter the following list of countries.

If you decide to get your yellow fever injection with 1st Contact Travel Clinic, we’ll  give you an official certificate that’s included in the vaccination price.

What you need to know:

There are a limited number of vaccines in the UK, so you can always check our daily updated stock information on our vaccination prices page.

1st Contact London Travel Vaccination Clinic is a designated yellow fever vaccination centre: registration number UKYFVC2800. We are registered with NathNAC (the National Travel Health Network and Centre), which promotes standards in travel medicine, providing travel health information for health professionals and the public. NaTHNaC is funded by the Health Protection Agency.