University Leaders Urge Government to Rethink Student Visa Controls

The Daily Telegraph has reported that 68 university chancellors, governors and presidents have signed an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, urging the government to help drive the economy and boost university income by removing university students from net migration figures.

According to the letter, tighter student visa controls are bound to compel even the brightest applicants to pursue education in other countries, including the USA, Germany, Australia and Canada.

In response to the letter, Immigration Minister Damian Green said that new measures were actually aimed at closing down “bogus” colleges and were not intended to prevent genuine foreign students from attending UK universities.

In reality, the government has started curtailing the issuing of 2-year work permits for all foreign university graduates in the UK, while at the same time dramatically raising tuition fees.

On average, one in 10 foreign students pursuing studies outside their own home countries currently choose to study in the UK. But all that is destined to change if the Government continues along its current path. According to the University leaders, the economy could be deprived of £8 billion a year because of the toughening of immigration rules.

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