UKVI to deport US billionaire

A US billionaire will be removed from the UK by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) due to, amongst other infringements, being in possession of an illegal personal arsenal.

Billionaire playboy in extravagant “suit” ejected from the UK by UKVI

Tony’s* collection includes weapons of a more extravagant variety than your standard “flick knife” (an item currently outlawed by the UK Border Force). He also has a public history of several instances operating vehicles under the influence.

Tony did not enter the UK through a designated point of entry, otherwise it is likely that he would have been turned away immediately.

Wearing a brightly coloured suit, which stood in stark contrast to the grey skies and similarly monochromatic work attire of central London, he was taken into custody yesterday morning for questioning.

The UKVI stated that it has been almost impossible to extract information about Tony’s intentions in the country, as he has been uncooperative and extremely resistant to questioning.

Miss Potts, Tony’s personal secretary, issued a short statement, saying that “Tony is a very private person, and does not respond well to bureaucratic red tape. He has an iron constitution, and will come through this with flying colours.”

The UKVI has confirmed that Tony was granted a Tier 1 (Investor) visa and was considering investing a large amount of his fortune into technological research in the UK.

The UKVI are particular about admitting people into the country (regardless of their net worth). It likely that Tony’s actions will cause him to be denied official entry into the UK for at least a couple of years.

It’s clear that no matter who you are, UK immigration rules are taken very seriously, even on April 1st.


*Full name not released

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