UK Visa Applicants Urged to Apply Now!

Once again it has been announced that the limit for Tier 1 general visas has been reached very early in the month. This month the 600 visas cap was hit on the 7th of December and no more Tier 1 visas will be granted from outside the UK until January 2011.

Robyn Cory, Visa Manger at 1st Contact says it is vital that anyone wanting to apply for the Tier 1 do so as soon as they possibly can.

“In November the cap was reached on the 10th. This month it was reached on the 7th. This means it will only become more difficult each month and many people will never have their applications processed! The only thing you can do at this stage is get your application in before the end of January 2011 and get in the queue and hope for the best.” says Cory.

“The Home Office will be closed from the 23rd of December until the 4th of January  2011, which will further cause delays. And the permanent cap comes into play in April of 2011 – meaning there is not much time left to get your application in.”

Gather your documents and apply soon!

Instead of trying to go it alone, let a 1st Contact consultant help to make the process simpler for you, and ensure that everything is correct, giving you a much better chance of being approved once your application reaches the processing stage.

You will need:

  • Two recent colour passport photos;
  • Your valid current passport;
  • Your original University Certificate;
  • Proof of your previous earnings, which must include proof from two separate sources;
  • Proof of English language ability if you are not from a majority English speaking country;
  • Proof that you have had at least £2800 in your bank account over the three-month period prior to your application.

When you have gathered all the information listed above, speak to a 1st Contact visa consultant on 080 8141 1644 (UK Office) 0800 003 163 (SA Office) or 1800 039 300 (AUS Office) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and do what you can to complete your application before the year is over.

  • hazel zhang

    hi there,

    I have got a Tier five (working holiday) visa. Can I apply for the Tier one visa when I am in UK? If not, is there any other visa for onshore application?

    What is the requirement on earings for the Tier 1 visa? Does that mean i need to provide my earnning from my previous job in Australia? Or i can show my current earning in UK?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Kind regards,


  • Sam

    Hi Hazel
    I think I’m in the same boat. The problem is that you cannot switch from Tier 5 into Tier 1.

    You’d have to go home, reapply for tier 1, which now cant be done. If anyone has a way round this please le me know

  • Janelle


    My Tier 1 General Visa expires in October this year. I am still able to exted it? If so how far in advance of it expiring will I need to apply?



  • amandeep singh

    i have refused my uk studt visa for three tima can i gat theb uk student visa

    • amandeep singh

      yes ofcouse you have a need to appley ur study visa for uk