Five steps to finding a job in the UK

If you’re new to the UK or planning to move there, chances are you’re going to need a job – and soon. Here are five steps to find the perfect job using 1st Contact.

Five steps to finding a job in the UK

The UK offers a competitive, but lucrative market for job-seekers – as long as you plan ahead. photo credit: Thomas Leuthard via photopin cc

  1. Join Job Assist
    Rather than spend time searching for a job on your own, join the 1st Contact Job Assistance Programme for free, and enjoy a service that matches you to the most suitable positions in the UK.
  2. Upload your CV
    Next, upload your CV, making sure that you include all relevant information and leave no time gaps.
  3. Focus on your strengths
    Emphasising your successes and unique skills are important, especially when prepping for the big move to another country. Avoid long paragraphs, small fonts and unnecessary information.
  4. Quality check
    Your CV/résumé will be quality checked by a consultant, who might also request any missing information and edit your CV where necessary.
  5. CV/résumé sent to agencies
    1st Contact Job Assist will then send your CV to their large network of UK recruitment agencies.
  6. Prepare for interviews
    Once you receive a request for an interview, spend some time preparing for the interview (this often makes all the difference). This includes thinking about what you’re going to wear, finding out as much as you can about the company (if you know who they are), finding out more about the industry, and practising answering questions you’re likely to be asked.

1st Contact Job Assistance bridges the gap between career seekers and the recruitment industry by building relationships with a network of recruitment agencies in various industry sectors. Our Kickstart pack will give you all the 101 info you need to know about getting set up in London, as well as assisting you with a UK bank account, international sim card, accommodation and much more.


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