Should South Africans Living Abroad be Given Voting Rights?

In the run up to the 2009 South African elections, much debate has surrounded the issue of whether South Africans living abroad should be given voting rights. 1st Contact has sourced some informative and topical articles and debates relating to this issue, which are placed below.

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To sign the petition in support of South Africans living abroad being granted voting rights click here
To view the opposing opinions of Ebrahim Moola and Rebekah Kendal on click here


  • Johan van den Berg


    There`s a Facebook group: Petition to let South Africans Abroad vote in the 2009 General Election
    We`ve got over 6000 members and would like more people to join.We have the support of Corne Mulder from the FF and their applications to the High Court for this matter.

  • Gunther

    I strongly feel that South Africans living abroad should be aloud to vote.

  • Jenny Ocker

    We should be allowed to vote despite living abroad, this is unfair – we are being marginalised!

  • T Macdonald

    We should be allowed to vote, it’s our right!
    T Macdonald

  • Sunita

    I believe South Africans should be allowed to vote when abroad just like other countries citizens have the right to cast a vote. Why should we be any different?

  • justus abodunwa

    i believe South Africans living abroad should be allowed to vote in elections holding in their country so that they could be part of the process for they have the right to.

  • Derek Moorhouse

    No, so-called South African expats (or in less PC speech: white migrant workers) living it up abroad for more than 3 years should not be allowed to vote. Everybody knows it is nothing more than full blown gerrymandering to scrape up and boost votes for Zille’s unwanted DA way beyond its inborn appeal inside South Africa.
    Primitive ethnic nepotism and corruption written all over the big woman’s DA. Sad.