It’s “Ready, Set, Stay” For Those Thinking of Living and Working In London

By Nikki van Coller

Over the past 20 years or so, moving to the UK to work as a professional for a few years was fairly easy. These days (and especially with recent announcements regarding a cap on UK visas) it’s anything but.

The “London Stint”, as it is sometimes called, has always been considered a great way for qualified professionals to gain life and work experience, and ensure financial security when they return to their home country.

The salary and points requirements for Tier 1 have also been increased, making it even more difficult for many to qualify.

But with a permanent visa cap coming into effect in April 2011 and an interim cap already in place, the dream of living and working in London won’t become a reality for many who apply for the visa. The 24 100 Tier 1 visas being granted between now and April 2011 are being granted in stages, with monthly limits in effect. Applications which are received after the monthly limit has been reached will be considered for the following month.

The salary and points requirements for Tier 1 have also been increased, making it even more difficult for many to qualify. The new coalition government’s plans seem set to put an end to the “glory days” when most of the people who wanted to live and work in London could do so with relative ease.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, according to Robyn Cory from 1st Contact Visas.

“Young professionals can still find a way to live and work in the UK, provided they meet all the requirements and have a little luck on their side! And there are many other visa categories where the limit will not affect you at all.” says Cory “Immigration law and policy is ever-changing and it is always about timing – so take advantage now, where you can!”

She explains: “Those already in the UK under the Tier 1 visa applying for an extension, as well as those in the UK under a different category wanting to switch to Tier 1 will not fall under the interim limit. Better yet, those who want to move to the UK under the Investor, Entrepreneur or post-study work categories of Tier 1 are not included in the interim limit and should find it easier to secure a Visa.”

“Furthermore, if you are already in the UK under the writers, composers and artists category and wish to extend your stay, you will only need to gain the previous points score of 95 points.”

If you believe you have all the qualifications necessary to be granted a Tier 1 visa and would like to apply quickly and with as little hassle as possible, visit to speak to a professional visa consultant.