Consider yourself an open-minded international traveller? These Spanish festivals are for you

Ready to run with bulls, party all night, help yourself to a bottomless supply of red wine and meet new international friends? Then Stoke Travel has the festivals for you.

Blue bull

Running of the Bulls!

What: Feel alive (and hopefully stay alive) when you run with the bulls in Pamplona. In addition to the wonderful terror that is the Pamplona bull run, this San Fermin trip is so much more. It is one of the world’s biggest street parties – day and night you can drink and dance and smooch in the streets. There are also cultural events every day, so you can do something nice and really justify going on a massive bender during the night. Truly wonderful.

Where: Pamplona, Spain. Our legendary festival campsite is only 10 minutes from Pamplona at Camping Ezcaba. If you choose to add surfing to your trip before or after running with the bulls, we have a beautiful campsite an hour away from Pamps overlooking the bay of Zarautz.

When: July 4 – 15 (the festival officially starts on the 6th and ends on the 14th).

How: Meet us there or Ride with us on a private shuttle bus from Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid or London.

Cost: €60/day all-inclusive or pick one of our package deals.

Sleep: Camping accommodation (pre-erected, twin share tent w/ mattress and sleeping bag).

Eat: Hot breakfast and dinner daily.

Wine Fights!

What: A battle so fierce that the vineyard and surrounding hillsides turn red, so violent that the weary and wounded stumble away from the fighting, covered from head to toe in what seems to be blood but what is in fact gorgeous red wine…this is the wine fight, La Batalla de Vino de Haro, our favourite festival. For a few hours on 29 June we take advantage of a bottomless supply of red wine and throw it on each other, on friends and strangers alike.

The night before the village of Haro goes crazy with street parties and bar hopping, dancing and chatting and eating delicious food until the sun comes up – just in time for the wine fight! Join the San Vino evening welcome BBQ on 27 June. Get classy and hammered at the same time, with the Stoke cheese and wine day on 28 June. Awake early for the wine fight, wash off, chill at our pool party before heading back into town for the bull fight.

Where: Haro, La Rioja, Spain (Basque country)

When: 27 – 30 June

How: Meet us there or ride with us in a private shuttle from Barcelona and San Sebastian.

Cost: Meet us there €60/night or check out our ride with us packages

Sleep: Camping accommodation (pre-erected twin share tent w/sleeping bag and mattress)

Eat: Hot breakfasts and dinner daily.

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