Mandela Day: Taking action to inspire change

Since 2009, in honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18 July has been recognised as Nelson Mandela International Day. On this day, people across the globe come together to celebrate Madiba’s life and legacy, honouring his work to change the world for the better.

Children in class

The message behind Mandela Day is simple: Every person has the ability and responsibility to change the world for the better. This global call to action comes from the three rules Mandela followed throughout his life: Free yourself, free others and serve every day.

At 1st Contact and Sable, we believe that it’s important to be socially responsible and we encourage our staff to help uplift local communities. Our Social Responsibility Committee works to raise awareness around issues affecting these communities and to lend a helping hand.

This year, we chose Alpine Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain as the beneficiary for our Mandela Day outreach initiative.

Children in the Cape Flats area, where Alpine Primary is located, are often sent to school hungry or with no lunch. As a result, the staff of 1st Contact and Sable chose to make and distribute sandwiches to the school’s 1,300 pupils.

Children with sandwiches

Our teams collected over 160 loaves of bread, 30 tubs of peanut butter and 20 jars of jam. Each department was allocated a time slot to make as many sandwiches as possible. Over a four hour period, we were able to put together over 1,600 sandwiches – more than enough to feed the entire school!

The additional 300 sandwiches, extra bread, jam and peanut butter were donated to Al-Noor Orphanage in Woodstock and the Beitun Nur Society for the Destitute in Ottery.

With smiling faces and full tummies all round, we can count this as another successful outreach opportunity seized by 1st Contact, Sable and the Social Responsibility Committee.

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