Almost £billion flushed away

3 easy steps to keeping what’s yours.

Here’s a staggering statistic: HMRC issued fines worth an estimated £958m to British taxpayers last year when new penalties for late returns were imposed.

In a dire economic climate like the one we’re living in today and with most of the country’s ordinary citizens struggling to make ends meet, can we really afford to lose a collective £billion?

And perhaps an even more pertinent question:

Are we really that lazy, that we would rather forfeit our hard-earned money than take a few, relatively simple steps to hang onto every cent we earn?

If you’re thinking “BUT IT’S NOT SIMPLE” you are probably one of the thousands of people who have a warped perception of personal tax administration. For instance, did the phrase ‘personal tax administration’ make you feel queasy? Then it’s likely you believe it is more cumbersome, complicated and awful than it really is, and this misconception prevents you from using the system to your own advantage.

Perhaps you always file late or incorrectly and end up paying penalties; maybe you haven’t filed for a year or more and just can’t seem to do it; maybe you are one of those people who just can’t be bothered to apply for a tax refund?

If the above describes you: you are deliberately flushing your own money away. Don’t feel alone – an estimated 500 000 Brits missed the last deadline.

Reliable, Affordable Help at your Fingertips

The truth is you have the ability, resources and information necessary to keep your tax affairs in your favour. Best of all, you really don’t have to do that much yourself. There are professional companies who can whizz through the chore, making it ridiculously simple for you!

All you need to do is make the decision to take control and then tackle one step at a time.

Here they are:

1. Receive and file all the correct documents throughout the year.

Half the hassle when filing a tax return or applying for a refund, is trying to track down forms, so ask for all the documents due to you from your employer if you don’t receive them automatically, stick them in a box marked “ADMIN” and then open the box when it’s time to file. If you are finding it difficult or just couldn’t be bothered, let us get the documents on your behalf.

2. File a tax return correctly the first time round, before the cut off date.

Get out your admin box and send us the information – There is no exception with respect to penalties, if you are late you pay. Rather than take a chance, ask an expert to assist you. It will most likely cost far less than the penalties charged for late filing and you can relax, knowing everything will be done properly by people who had filed hundreds of tax returns.

3. Apply for a tax refund at the end of every tax year.

If you have worked at more than one job during a tax year, changed jobs or worked under an incorrect tax code, chances are you are owed some money. Use a professional, reputable, ‘No-refund, no-fee’ agency to apply for your refund. The average refund processed by 1st Contact Tax refunds is currently around £850.

So there you have it. Three easy steps and a bit of professional, affordable help and your taxes will be up-to-date and work in your favour.

Make 2013 the year you take control of your tax and administrative responsibilities. Don’t let a single pound of your money go toward penalties you can easily avoid.

Visit to find out more about their self assessment filing and tax refund services, as well as many other services designed to make your life easier without breaking the bank.