Four Australian expats you should probably know about

There’s more to Australian exports than Mel Gibson, Kylie Minogue and Paul Hogan. Here are four lesser-known Aussies who left Down Under to make it big in the UK.

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There are over 120 000 Australians making a living for themselves in the UK. Many of these expats are pioneers in the UK’s bustling creative industries. Image cc: Getty Images

Rebecca Hossack, Gallery Owner

Born in 1955 Melbourne, Rebecca Hossack moved to England in the 80s to study for the bar. She later left law for a career in Art, studying at Christie’s and working at the Guggenheim in Venice before opening  her own gallery in Windmill Street.


Between 1993 and 1997,  Hossack served as the Australian cultural attaché in London. Image cc:

Between 1993 and 1997, Hossack served as the Australian cultural attaché in London. Image cc:

Today, Hossack is considered an art powerhouse, with two galleries in central London and one in New York City. Her main London gallery is a three-storey building in 2a Conway Street, off Fitzroy Square, and a second, smaller gallery is found at 28 Charlotte Street.

Hossack is a dedicated campaigner on environmental issues. She was elected as Councillor for the Bloomsbury Ward in Camden in 2006. In 2007 she ran the New York Marathon, raising over £20,000 to plant trees in central London. She lectures internationally, teaches various courses, and writes regularly.

Rebecca Hossack's three-storey gallery in 2a Conway Street is a feast for the senses. Image cc:

Rebecca Hossack’s three-storey gallery in 2a Conway Street is a feast for the senses. Image cc:

Julia Fowler and Geoff Watts, Entrepreneurs

A team to watch is the husband and wife duo of Julia Fowler and Geoff Watts. Both originally from Australia, the pair now live in London, running the world’s first and largest apparel data warehouse, analysing around 50 million SKUs (stock-keeping units) every day.

As a fashion designer, Julia became frustrated with the industry’s lack of factual data. So she started to imagine what it would be like if there was a product that combined the mass of industry data available online with a traditional approach to forecasting. Geoff Watts was an expert at getting results out of big data, so the two turned the idea into a business.

EDITD, Julia Fowler and Geoff Watts’s venture, has changed apparel data analysis in the fashion business forever. Image cc:

Kathy Lette, Author

Kathy Lette is an Australian author who has lived in London for over 20 years. She has written a number of bestselling books including Puberty Blues, To Love, Honour & Betray, Mad Cows and The Boy Who Fell to Earth.

Lette is married to a fellow Australian expat, Geoffrey Robertson QC, and is a firm supporter of the UK Labour Party.

In November 2009, Lette received an honorary doctorate from Southampton Solent University.

Lette’s book, “How to Kill your Husband (and other handy household hints)” was turned into an opera by composer Alan John and playwright Timothy Daly, premiering at the Victorian Opera. Image cc:

Ron Mueck, Sculptor

Ron Mueck is fast becoming a household name with his hyper-realistic sculptures of people. His early career was as a model maker and puppeteer for children’s television and films, including a popular programme called Shirl’s Neighbourhood.

Mueck then moved to London, establishing a company that made photo-realistic props and animatronics for the advertising industry.

In 1996, he moved on to fine art. His big break came when his piece “Dead Dad” was included in the Sensation Show at the Royal Academy.

Since then, Mueck has exhibited all over the world and has established himself as one of the most exciting sculptors working today.

Mueck’s hyper-realistic sculptures have attracted controversy and acclaim in art circles around the world. Image cc: