5 Great Resources If You’re Planning To Move To London

If London is calling you and you’re at any stage of making the big move, these 5 resources can help you to make the right decisions even before you leave…

1. TNT Magazine.com

The TNT magazine is a great resource for job-hunting, finding the right accommodation or meeting up with like-minded individuals and other expats. It’s also choc-a-bloc with news from around the world, travel specials, competitions, community resources and much more.

2. The Good School Guide

If you are planning to move to London with children of school-going age, you will probably spend a great deal of time perusing the Good School Guide. It covers more than 1200 state and independent schools in the UK and is renowned for it’s straight-talking, no-nonsense style.

3. www.facebook.com

Facebook might seem like an odd resource, but it is a sort of “home” of millions of people and a great way to connect with those who can offer the right type of advice and assistance. You could use your status updates to request info from your friends or start a group related to your specific needs or you could simply join the Facebook groups of companies like 1st Contact or tnt magazine, where you can seek advice, read posts and be directed to blogs and other online resources.

4. 1st Contact’s Kickstart package

The Kickstart package from 1st Contact is like “5 great resources” all on its own. Not only can you apply for your visa and be guided every step of the way, you can also open a UK bank account easily and without any face-to-face bank visits, receive a UK sim card for your phone, have your CV formatted to UK requirements and sent to all the right recruitment agents and receive a handy guide with info on NHS, your National insurance number, tax, employment and more! Visit www.1stcontactkickstart.com for more information.

5. The blogging community

There are thousands of expats living, working and blogging in London! Blogs are proving to be a wonderful resource for the most genuine, realistic and practical advice about living in London. And best of all, there’s a blog for every type of newcomer to London – whether you’re into knitting, family, baking, investment banking, sightseeing, stamp collecting or partying, there’s a blog out there waiting to be savoured by you! Click here for a list of the Top 100 London Bloggers.

  • Jo

    Thanks for the tips but sadly they (the authorities) are doing their best to cull immigration to London and the UK. Its just so much harder to enter the UK nowadays. If someone is from the EU, then its a different case.