1 in 3 due a Tax Refund

“Don’t miss out on money due to you because you’re not sure if you’re eligible for a refund or not” says John Dunn, Tax refunds Manager at 1st Contact. According to Dunn, 1 in 3 people are due a tax refund, but many don’t bother to go through the motions to receive their money.

“1st Contact has claimed back millions for our clients and processed more than 100 000 successful tax claims! We urge people working in the UK to apply for a tax refund through the 1st Contact website, since the average refund due is £850. We work on a “no refund, no pay” policy, so our clients really do have nothing to lose!”

“Don’t miss out on money due to you because you’re not sure if you’re eligible for a refund or not”

Are you due a tax refund?

There are many instances where people have paid more tax than was necessary. Possible reasons for this include the following:

  • When the total taxable income in the tax year is less than your personal allowance;
  • If you left your job before the end of the tax year and have since stopped working in the UK;
  • If the company you worked for don’t have your NI number or you don’t yet have an NI number.

To check if you’re due a refund on your taxes use the 1st Contact Tax Calculator

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  • BJ Nyschens

    I have contacted you ( 1st Contact) at least three times about getting a tax refund from 2008 I had lived/ worked in the UK for 2 years – please help me get my refund back – I’d actually just given up…..

    PLEASE HELP – tell me what I need to send in and I will send it all in again

    BJ Nyschens

    • John

      Hi BJ Nyschens,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Please email your contact details to john.dunn@1stcontact.com. We will need to get your employment History and any P45/P60 you have. Once I receive your details I will have a sales advisor contact you immediately and go through the process with you on the phone.

      Thank you


  • TV

    I have the same problem. I am doing mine through Anglo Pacific Tax Refunds. According to them its the Government taking so long and losing things and asking for it to be resubmitted. Then then they forget about it and you never hear from them for 2 months. Seriously its not like they didn’t take enough of our money. Now they want to charge us 500 pounds for a visa though we were a former British colony. No wonder they were hit the worst by the recession. If you don’t show respect you wont get any either and that counts for countries as well.

    Waiting since early 2007

    • http://www.1stcontact.com Hannah Brown


      Thank you for your comments

      I look forward to hearing from you.

    • http://www.1stcontact.com John Dunn


      Thank you for your comments.

      The Inland Revenue have upgraded their systems on two occassions in a year and this has caused major backlogs at their offices. They recently rolled out a new IT system at the end of the financial year and this has caused further delay’s. Most call back requests and referalls the Call Centre send are taking 15 working days. This is unfortunately a problem nationwide and cannot be controlled by anyone.




    I was in the uk for about 4 years until year before last September. I sent my tax refund request, and i was sent a confirmation e-mail August 14 2009, received by Gareth Callum at First Contact. I wish to enquire about the process of this application,and if someone could kindly let me know when i could expect my refund please.

    Kind Regards

    Daniel Anthony Day

    • http://www.1stcontact.com Hannah Brown

      Hi Daniel

      Thank you for your comments.

      I have looked into this and can see that we require the following documents to complete your claim:

      -P60 04/05 and P45 05/06 from Olympus
      -P45 05/06 from NYK Logisitics
      -P45 08/09 from Kea Trading Ltd

      We have contacted the Inland Revenue to confirm if they have this missing information on record and they unfortunately dont. We therefore need these documents to complete your claim.

      The Inland Revenue have also confirmed that you previously submitted a Self Assessment Tax Return for 06/07 and an 07/08 return was issued but is still outstanding.

      If you have any queries in regards to this you can email Alexa.payne@1stcontact.com and she will be able to help you.

  • KKP

    I have been employed on a full-time basis for the past 2 years under Tier 1-Post Study Work visa. Now that my application to transfer to Tier 2 Sponsored Worker has been refused and I am required to leave the UK. Am I eligible to rebate all the income tax which I have paid in the past 2 years?

    Thank you in advance.



  • John

    Hi KKP,

    Claiming your Tax Refund means you are only eligible to claim for your overpaid PAYE Tax not the full tax amount.

    Considering you have only had one employer, chances are you arent due a refund. Please log onto http://www.1stcontact-taxrefunds.com and use our Tax Calculator or complete our applicaiton form.

    Remember we offer a no refund no fee policy, so it costs you nothing to find out if you are in fact due a refund.