Visas update: Children of unmarried British fathers born before 2006 can now claim British citizenship

As of 6 April 2015, section 65 of the Immigration Act 2014 came into force making provisions within the British Nationality Act 1981 to allow anyone who was born before 1 July 2006, regardless of age, to apply for British citizenship through a UK-born father. We look at what this change means for you.

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Commemorating Anzac Day 2015 in London

On 25 April 1915 troops from Britain, Australia, New Zealand and France made a pre-dawn amphibious landing on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey. During the eight months of fierce fighting that followed, some 8,000 Australians and 2,000 New Zealanders lost their lives through combat, wounds or disease. This year marks the centenary of their brave […]

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